From the award-winning contractors behind Harmony Basements, comes a specialized bathroom renovation service for homeowners in the GTA. Without question, Harmony Bathrooms is a top contender in bathroom renovations and is your number one choice. Our confidence in our ability stems from the countless hours we’ve spent perfecting our craft and gaining experience in the industry. Nothing is beyond our scope of expertise. Count on our Harmony Bathrooms team for bathroom renovation services you simply cannot find elsewhere.

Who we are

Harmony Bathrooms is a team of skilled and experienced contractors with 20+ years of experience in the home renovation industry. Our team consists of architects, designers, engineers, and project managers who are passionate about transforming ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces. We pride ourselves in providing superior workmanship and quality care. We love what we do, and it shows. We work on all types of bathrooms and the level of care we put into each project is undeniable. We value quality over quantity, and our business has grown exponentially over the years through recommendations.

As respected contractors in the industry, we are able to get permits approved in record time because local authorities know that we always do things right. From beginning to end, our clients remain a top priority for us, and we work tirelessly to ensure no detail is overlooked.

What we do

Reinventing spaces is what we do best. From flooring to vanities, shower tiles, and lighting – we do it all. Innovation is an integral part of our renovation process. We use advanced 3D-VR technology to create a unique and enhanced experience for our clients that allows them to see their newly renovated space before it’s even built.

This gives us a competitive edge over our competitors and sets us apart as leaders in the industry. We remain razor-focused on delivering the best results and our 98% client satisfaction rating is evidence of the competence and care we bring to every single project.

About the Founder

Diego Botia is one-of-a-kind. He is the mastermind behind Harmony Bathrooms and his love for design and architecture knows no bounds. Know for the enormous care he puts into his work, he makes himself available to his clients 24/7 and stops at nothing to give his clients the absolute best. He is relentless in his commitment to making every space as beautiful as he can.It all began when Diego moved to the GTA in 2008 after completing a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Florida Atlantic University. He began working in the construction field and quickly began creating a name for himself. After working on several commercial renovation projects in the GTA, Diego chose to focus solely on residential properties.

He’d heard many complaints from homeowners who were dissatisfied with the quality of work and lack of care they’d received from previous contractors who only cared about the money. Determined to make a difference, Diego decided to form his own renovation company that would be customer-focused and create a positive experience for his clients.

Today, Harmony Bathrooms is a branch of its thriving parent company Harmony Basements. Diego is a hands-on leader who brings a wealth of experience to every project his company handles. In addition to specializing in architecture and design, Diego is also an HVAC design engineer, CAD designer, and the creator of a unique and acclaimed 3D immersive virtual reality presentation created specifically for his clients.