At Harmony Bathrooms, we believe there is great value in having a bathroom that accommodates the unique needs of everyone in your home. Our specialized accessible bathroom renovation services are designed to create a safe, functional, and inclusive bathroom with design aesthetics in mind. As your accessible bathroom contractors, you don’t need to sacrifice design for functionality.

Harmony Barrier-free Bathroom Features

Our design solutions for barrier-free bathrooms will make your bathroom safer and easily incorporate wheelchair access. When you choose Harmony Bathrooms, you will get:

A shower curb creates a barrier as someone has to step over to enter the shower. At Harmony Bathrooms, we’ll make sure there are no shower curbs or barriers for easy wheelchair access.

We will ensure the door sizes and openings are compliant with Ontario’s Building Codes so you can easily enter and maneuver in and out of the bathroom.

We will ensure there is the minimum space required to be Ontario’s Building Code so everyone can have the freedom of space.

We install bathroom fixtures at an appropriate height and select fixtures that will be comfortable to use so bathroom tasks are easier for everyone.

Wheelchair Accessible Showers

Our design solutions for wheelchair-accessible bathrooms will make your shower safer and easily incorporate wheelchair access. When you choose Harmony Bathrooms, you will get:

Getting in and out of a shower can be challenging if you have mobility issues. We will transform your old shower to a code-compliant wheelchair-accessible shower so you can enjoy your time freely without sacrificing on comfort.

Our accessible shower renovation will include removing any existing fixtures including the shower curb, removing walls to create space, and old shower fixtures to create a new shower that is compliant with OBC and provides comfort for you.

To elevate comfort and convenience for you, we can install a shower bench that will seamlessly match your shower tiles, allowing you to sit while bathing or to provide a resting spot when you need it.

At Harmony Bathrooms, we always keep safety and convenience in mind with any shower renovation. By replacing old fixtures and installing new handheld showers, grab bars, and support rails, it makes the showering process a little easier.

Having a shower door can be a big obstacle, which is why we also provide this shower renovation solution. We will renovate your shower with OBC compliance and wheelchair accessibility in mind.

Harmony Bathrooms is here to help you design and install an accessible shower in your home that provides safety and comfort. We’re happy to customize options to suit the needs of your family and address any mobility concerns you may have.

Our Process

At Harmony Bathrooms, we believe in quality over quantity. Unlike our competitors, we are not focused on completing the highest number of projects each year. Our priority is giving each project the attention it deserves. We are dedicated to achieving top results and take our time to ensure that we create the best design that makes your bathroom accessible, safe, and beautiful. To streamline the design process and enhance your experience with us, we use virtual reality technology and 3D rendering to give you a better visual representation of your design concept before your accessible bathroom renovation is completed.

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Why Choose Us


Harmony Bathrooms is an award-winning team committed to achieving the highest standards of quality. We are deliberate about every detail right down to the materials we use. With us, you can expect the highest quality of materials for your accessible bathroom.

Cutting-edge technology

Our goal is to provide an exceptional design process that gives you an experience like none other. Thanks to our 3D immersive virtual reality presentation, you’ll be able to virtually experience your new bathroom before we build it.


Everyone on our Harmony Bathrooms team has been hand-picked based on their exceptional renovation skills and experience. All our professionals are licensed and insured tradesmen, giving you the assurance that you have a qualified team of experts renovating your bathroom.

Eco-friendly options

In addition to using high-quality products, we ensure that all the materials used to create your accessible bathroom are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and sustainably sourced.

Ready to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible?

The key to a successful accessible bathroom renovation is making the space inclusive. Create a safer and more functional bathroom that caters to everyone equally with an accessible bathroom renovation handled by the best renovation company in Toronto.

Harmony Bathrooms is experienced in designing accessible bathrooms and working with homeowners to incorporate accessible features based on their needs. You’re one step away from your accessible bathroom renovation. So go ahead and reach out to us today for your free quote!

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