As one the most used rooms in your home, your bathroom may need special attention from time to time to keep up with the needs of your household. Whether this means upgrading a few fixtures to improve the look of your bathroom or making changes to the design for improved efficiency, revamping your bathroom is a good investment. It adds value to your home and can make your bathroom more conducive to your daily routine. Harmony Bathrooms has partnered with many homeowners in the GTA to create stunning bathrooms, and we’re happy to help you upgrade your bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation

Renovation involves changes to your bathroom that upgrade it but keep the layout intact. In other words, a renovation creates cosmetic improvements to a bathroom and improves the efficiency of the space but does not include any structural or layout changes. These upgrades may be minor or significant and include changes like repainting a bathroom wall or vanity, installing new lighting fixtures, retiling the floor or shower, replacing vanity fixtures, etc.

Bathroom renovations are our prime services. We’re happy to help you transform your bathroom with creative ideas that will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your bathroom.


Bathroom Remodeling

Improved aesthetics is part of the end goal, but the focus of a bathroom remodeling project is changing the structure or layout of the room. This makes a remodel job more extensive than a renovation and often requires an architect and engineer. Part of your bathroom may need to be demolished to accommodate the new design. Remodeling projects can include, removing or adding walls, expanding the square footage of your bathroom, or making changes to the electrical or plumbing aspect of your bathroom.

Our bathroom remodeling process begins with an assessment of your existing bathroom and proposing creative design ideas based on your vision. Thanks to our 3D immersive virtual reality presentation created by our innovative team, you’ll be able to see what your new bathroom will look like before we begin any work. This is of priceless value to our clients.


Should you remodel or renovate?

Knowing whether to renovate or remodel a bathroom can be a tough decision. Identifying your goals for the project and outlining some of the key changes you’d like to make will help you decide whether to remodel or renovate. Are you looking to revive your bathroom and give it a new look, or are there some structural issues that need to be corrected? Is the layout working for your family or do you need to change it?

Your budget will influence whether you should renovate or remodel. Since remodeling requires more extensive work, it will be more expensive than a renovation. We always suggest to leave room in your budget for unexpected expenses and delays. Remodels also take longer to complete due to the scope of work, so if time is limited, a renovation may be your best bet.

Let’s Get Started on Your Bathroom Renovation

Remodeling and renovating a bathroom are both great ways to improve your bathroom space and add value to your home. If you need help deciding which service is best for you, we’re more than happy to lend our expertise. Count on our team at Harmony Bath for quality bathroom renovations and remodels in the GTA. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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