When you need a condo bathroom renovation either to transform an outdated style or to make it more functional, you can count on Harmony Bathrooms. As experts in the industry, we understand the challenges of limited spaces available in condos. You can trust that we’ll transform your condo bathroom tailored to your lifestyle needs and design preferences. We’ll make your condo renovation into a stress free journey. 

The Harmony Bathroom Condo Renovation For You

When you choose to renovate your condo bathroom the Harmony way, we’ll ensure your dream bathroom makeover comes to life. You’ll work closely with our team of designers to create new bathroom layouts and design. Through our 3D-VR technology, visualizing your new bathroom concept has never been easier. You’ll get to see your new bathroom before we start construction so you can easily make changes based on your needs.

Older condos may have outdated bathroom designs or outdated fixtures and need to be updated. Condo bathroom renovations all-in-one solution to address all aspects of your bathroom that needs to be changed or fixed.

If all of the sudden you notice a significant amount of water damage along the walls and ceilings, it can lead to the growth of mould and mildew. This is a dangerous health and safety concern and should be addressed immediately. Get in touch with our team to understand the potential damage and what renovations will need to be done.

In condo real estate, modern bathroom designs can improve your condo’s value. Whether you need to sell or rent your condo, a condo bathroom transformation can improve your return on investment.

Why Choose Harmony Bathrooms


We are selective in the products we use in your renovation and only work with high-quality materials for the best results. We aim for perfection and pay close attention to detail to ensure superior craftsmanship.

Cutting-edge Technology

We use AutoCAD modeling and 3D virtual reality technology to streamline our design process and provide a unique visual experience you simply cannot get elsewhere. 


Our team consists of some of the finest bathroom contractors in the GTA. Every professional on our team is experienced, licensed, and insured giving you the assurance that you have a fully qualified team working on your project.

Eco-friendly options

We believe in taking care of the environment and that’s why we prioritize using sustainable and eco-friendly materials for all of our renovation projects.

Our Promise to You

When you’re ready to start your condo bathroom renovation, we’ll be there for you, guiding you through the whole process from beginning to end. The first step is an in-home consultation. Once we’ve had the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss your condo bathroom renovation in detail, we will draft a proposal that outlines the scope of the project. 

Before we start any construction, we’ll get the necessary permits and approvals from your local municipality and condo board so you don’t need to worry about it. Once all the documents and approvals are in order, we can start the renovation process. Your satisfaction is what matters to us so we’ll make sure you are completely satisfied during the final walk-through.

Let’s Start Your Bathroom Condo Reno

Renovating your condo bathroom is one of the best ways to create your dream bathroom, maximize space, or repair damages. Harmony Bathrooms is your trusted condo bathroom renovation company in Toronto and the GTA. Get in touch with us today for your free quote.

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