One of the popular service requests we get at Harmony Bathrooms is tub-to-shower conversions. The reason is that many modern families are working with limited space in their bathrooms, so maximizing the space makes perfect sense. Switching from tub to shower comes with many advantages – space-saving, aesthetic appeal, and better accessibility for individuals with mobility issues or elderly family members. Additionally, showers tend to be easier to clean and maintain, saving time and effort in the long run. Besides, with environmental awareness growth, it is worth mentioning that showers are more water-efficient than the tub, which allows homeowners to contribute to water conservation efforts, reducing their household’s overall water consumption and promoting a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

Process of Harmony

At Harmony Bathrooms, we pride ourselves in offering our clients a seamless conversion process that is client-focused. We aim to meet your specific needs and have created a process that provides the best experience for you.

Free estimate + In-home consultation

When you get in touch with our team, we will ask a few key questions about your project. Then, to gain a deeper understanding of your needs and to assess the space, we’ll come to your home for an in-home consultation at the most convenient time. Based on this assessment we will create a free estimate for you.


The next step in our process is creating a presentation that outlines how best we can convert your tub to a shower. We’ll show you different walk-in shower ideas that can completely transform your bathroom. Our presentation will include 3-D rendering to give you a visual of what your new bathroom will look like once your new shower is installed.

Tub removal

Once the design details have been approved, the next step is removing the existing tub. The type of bathtub you have will determine the appropriate approach. If the tub is built into the wall, removing the tub may also involve removing the wall above it. However, if you have a standalone tub, it can simply be removed from the floor.

Shower installation

Once the tub has been removed, we install a new shower base and install the necessary plumbing connections. Then, we’ll waterproof the shower and install the tiles on the shower floor and wall. Once this is done, we will install grout and silicone and install shower doors and the remaining shower fixtures.

When the conversion is complete, you will be the proud owner of a modern, spa-like shower space that enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom.

Benefits of Tub-to-Shower Conversions

  • Maximizes space – Removing a tub from your bathroom and installing a walk-in shower can create more space in your bathroom.
  • Modern upgrade – The bathtub/ shower combo can look outdated. Converting your tub to a shower creates a modern look.
  • Ease of access – It’s easier to walk in and out of a shower than getting in and out of a bathtub.
  • Safety – There’s a greater chance of slipping when getting out of a bathtub than there is when stepping out of a shower.
  • Easier to clean – A bathtub needs to be cleaned every time you take a bath, but this is not necessary with a shower.

Why Choose Harmony Bathrooms

Harmony Bathrooms offers premium bathroom renovation services you can always count on for quality and style. We’ve helped numerous homeowners convert their tubs to showers and have a process that is straightforward and hassle-free. Our seasoned contractors are known for their attention to detail and for delivering excellent results every single time. We use materials of the highest quality and ensure all our materials are eco-friendly and sustainably sourced. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart and we truly care about making sure our clients get exactly what they are looking for.

With Harmony Bathrooms you get:

98% client satisfaction rating

20+ years of experience

Cutting-edge technology

Competitive prices

Award-winning services

Trust the best bathroom renovators in the GTA with your tub-shower conversion.

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