A functional and stylish bathroom can completely transform your bathroom experience. As a room that plays a key role in your daily routine, having a bathroom with a convenient design that promotes comfort and style is priceless. A walk-in shower is a valuable addition to any bathroom. Get ready for the day or unwind after a long one by stepping into a stylish walk-in shower designed and installed by the top bathroom renovators in the GTA. Harmony Bathrooms specializes in shower renovations. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, there is a walk-in shower design that’s perfect for it. Add some luxury to your day and enhance your shower experience with a walk-in shower renovation handled by professionals you can trust.

What You Get with Harmony Bathrooms

A walk-in shower may be just the right feature to revamp your bathroom. It can do wonders for your bathroom and makes the space uniquely yours. When you choose Harmony Bathrooms, you’ll get:

Spacious bathroom

Shower curtains that come with traditional bathtub/shower combos create visual barriers that make the bathroom feel more confined.

The glass panels and doors of a walk-in shower will open up the space and allow light to shine throughout your bathroom, making the room look more spacious. The minimalistic look is timeless and perfect for modern or contemporary bathroom designs.

Safer and more accessible bathroom

Our walk-in showers have a barrier-free entry that makes them convenient and safer particularly for children, elderly people or family members with accessibility needs.

We install non-slip flooring to further enhances safety along with grab bars and other accessibility features.

Easy to clean and low maintenance

Unlike bathtubs that require cleaning after each use, our walk-in showers allow you to enjoy a less vigorous cleaning schedule. Opting for larger tiles will reduce grout lines, make cleaning a breeze and enhance design.

Harmony Bathrooms offers a range of stain and mildew-resistant tiles and grout that make it easier to maintain a clean shower without heavy scrubbing.


We use high-quality materials that are safe and water-resistant. You can be sure that a walk-in shower installed by Harmony Bathrooms will last a long time.

Increased home value

It’s a known fact that buyers want homes with modern and appealing bathrooms. The Toronto real estate market is competitive, and homeowners are looking for homes that provide high aesthetic and functional value.

Aside from kitchens, renovating your bathroom to enhance its design provides the greatest ROI of any home improvement project, according to Zillow.

Harmony Shower Styles

Shower room

This type of walk-in shower is essentially an open shower area in your bathroom that is not enclosed and has no door. The simple yet sleek design makes this walk-in shower modern and easy to clean.

Shower rooms are ideal for spacious bathrooms, but can also work in a small bathroom by adding a glass panel to keep the water contained in the shower area.

Corner showers

These showers are installed in a corner of your bathroom. This is an excellent option if you have a small bathroom.

We know corners left unused can create awkward spaces but with Harmony Bathrooms, we’ll make sure each space of your bathroom can be maximized to its full potential.

Curved shower enclosures

Our curved showers are unique due to the process of creating the curved shape and with the Harmony way, we’ll make your bathroom more spacious and create a spa-like atmosphere.

Why Choose Harmony Bathrooms

Installing a walk-in shower should be done by professional contractors who are experienced in shower renovations. The Harmony Bathrooms team has over 20 years of experience in renovation and has been recognized by HomeStars for our outstanding workmanship, professionalism, work ethic, and customer-focused approach. Our 98% customer satisfaction rating is proof that we go the extra mile to ensure our clients are completely happy with our work. We are proud to offer renovation services you can trust to keep you first. We use cutting-edge technology to create a unique 3D immersive virtual reality presentation that allows you to see your new walk-in shower before we install it. You simply won’t find a more dedicated team of contractors for your project because we believe you deserve the best.

98% client satisfaction rating

20+ years of experience

Cutting-edge technology

Competitive prices

Award-winning services

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Upgrading your bathtub or traditional shower to a walk-in shower offers significant benefits for the entire family. Enhance your shower experience and add value to your home with a walk-in shower renovation that makes your bathroom safer, more appealing and convenient. 

Harmony Bathrooms has a range of walk-in shower options for you to consider. Choose a shower room, corner shower or curved shower enclosure and customize it to suit your personal style. Get started on your walk-in shower renovation by contacting us today to book your free consultation!

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